Ember's Flame

A Graphic Novel by Derick Tsai

A young warrior seeks to retrieve his people’s enchanted crystal from the corrupt demigods who stole it.
"Ember’s Flame" is a heist story! Think "Ocean's Eleven" in a fantasy setting.
The Flameheart, a fiery crystalline fragment of a comet that fell from the sky a thousand years ago, is the life force of the secluded kingdom of Ardoria. It emanates a magical energy that has imbued the Ardorians with great strength, courage and wisdom. The Flameheart's power has also transformed Ardoria into a lush oasis amidst the harsh arctic wastelands that hide it from the rest of the world. 
Thirteen-year-old Ember Brightdawn has lived a sheltered existence. He’s been nourished by the Flameheart since birth and knows no other life but the tranquil haven he grew up in. His peaceful world is shattered when the Asura, three demigods with plans of world conquest, invade Ardoria and steal the Flameheart to use as a weapon.
Fearing Ardoria won’t survive without the Flameheart, Ember leaves home to reclaim it before his people perish. However, when he sees the destruction the Asura have wrought with the Flameheart’s powers, Ember has the harsh realization that what created the paradise he grew up in is now being used to harm others. As he fights his way closer to the Flameheart, Ember must choose between doing what’s best for his people and what will be best for the entire world.
Ardorians bask in the life-enhancing energy of the Flameheart.
Derick Tsai

Derick Tsai (layout)
Nguyen Dong (finishes)

Derick Tsai 
Norris Lin

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