Magnus Rex was commissioned to visualize various concepts to visualize the features of the Playstation Vita.
"Arena" - Ribbons of Blue Aurora soars across the screen, swirling into a whirlpool of energy at the center of the arena. Suddenly, shapes begin to extrude from the ground, growing into podiums, each with a gamer standing tall atop of it.
"Swiss Army Knife" - Like a high-tech Swiss Army Knife, we see iconic weapons and elements from various games swing out from the sleek black Vita with the same fluidity as a switchblade flipping open.
"Shrapnel" - Without warning it explodes, shrapnel flying towards the camera.  Time slows down, and we recognize that the pieces are the iconic PlayStation shapes. Squares, circles, X’s and triangles  in the same glowing blue as our parametrics. They nearly graze the lens, then fly towards the hands of a 20-something man. 

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