A Graphic Novel by Derick Tsai

A young farmboy searches for a legendary enchanted candle with the power to heal his dying land.
The Light of Life is an enchanted candle whose power is so great it can give momentarily life to melted wax.
Twelve-year-old Ayden Stoke spends his days in lush Idyllia Valley reading his favorite stories underneath the weeping willow by the river. He dreams of going on a great adventure like the heroes from legend and escaping the monotony of his daily life. His world changes forever when a deadly plague called The Bleak ravages Idyllia Valley. The water in the river turns black, the once verdant plant life starts to die and everyone from Ayden’s tribe falls mortally ill. Nothing his tribe’s healers do have any effect so a desperate Ayden turns to a story from legend for hope.
He once read about an enchanted candle called the Light of Life whose flames could cure any sickness. However, the Light is said to be in the possession of an evil warlock called Zhad whose fortress is atop the Serpent’s Tooth, the tallest peak in the world. Ayden believes the Light of Life is the only hope for his people so he sets out to take the Light from Zhad. As Ayden’s quest unfolds, he travels through lost cities, soars through the sky with the Griffin Queen and enlists the aid of powerful warriors. Along the way he discovers courage he never knew he had and has an adventure worthy of legend.
Ayden flies with the Griffin Queen!
Ayden receives aid from new friends.
Together, they try to take the Light of Life from Zhad!
Story and Art by Derick Tsai

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